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ArbiterPay for Officials FAQs

ArbiterPay.com (formerly RefPay.com) is an online system for paying officials who receive their assignments through ArbiterSports.com. Both websites are owned and operated by the NCAA. At this point, almost all games in Minnesota are paid via ArbiterPay except MSHSL freshman, JV, and varsity games and a very small number of leagues and tournaments, so all officials are strongly encouraged to set up accounts. 

    If you do not set up an ArbiterPay account, it will be your responsibility to arrange payment if possible with any league or team that uses ArbiterPay. Those leagues, teams and organizations using ArbiterPay are not required to provide alternative payment methods.

    The system is offered at no cost to the officials. You simply set up an ArbiterPay account and the league or home team transfers the funds to your ArbiterPay account. You then transfer the money from the ArbiterPayaccount into your own bank account for free (although there are some other options, such as having a check sent, which are not free). Note that the funds do not automatically appear in your bank account; you need to log in to ArbiterPay to transfer the funds.

    How quickly you get paid depends on the league or team, since they need to authorize payments, but give teams and leagues at least 3 weeks to process payment before following up. Tournaments should pay within 1 week. See the Pay Rates and Policies page for a rough idea of how often different groups make payments.

    The tremendous benefit of ArbiterPay is that it makes it easy to tell which games you have been paid for. In general, you will also receive payment much faster.

    The following documents will help you get set up:

    Overview of How ArbiterPay Works

    How to create a ArbiterPay account and link it to your Arbiter account
    (Don't forget the steps on pages 13-16!)

    How to transfer money from ArbiterPay.com once you have received money there

    How to verify which games have been paid in ArbiterPay