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Super Clinic
2018 UMLOA Super Clinic Program
2018 UMLOA Super Clinic Program (revised 1-26-18)


FAQ--Linking Arbiter Accounts
FAQ--Merging Arbiter Accounts


ArbiterPay (formerly RefPay)

Overview for Team Admins
Overview for officials
Payment Verification



Minnesota Youth Rules and Summary 2019 (4-19-2019)
GNLL Indoor "Box" Lacrosse Rules (3-11-18)
USL Excessive Body Checking clarification
JV and Freshman 2018
Boys Lacrosse Tiebreaker (4-30-17)
Homegrown Running-Time HS Games (11-17-16)
NCAA vs. NFHS Rules Differences 2018 (2-22-18)
Guidelines for all off-season leagues and tournaments
2018 NFHS Rules Changes Summary



Minnesota Game Sites
Heat Index Policy
SotaLax Tournament Site Map 2018
Champlin Park Icebreaker Site Map 2018



Certification Cards
Scorecard for Officials
Scoresheet (Excel)
Scoresheet (PDF)
Timer & Scorer Guidelines 2017 (Updated 2-20-17) 
Boys Lacrosse Field Diagram 2015
NFHS Public Address Announcer Guidelines 2018
Access for online timer/scorer online course


Training guides and information

See the Training for New and Junior Officials page and the Training for UMLOA Members page for training guides and classroom training schedules. 


UMLOA Policies and Documents

Conduct Issue Guidelines for Youth Games (12-20-17)
Scrimmage Policies 2018
Concussion Policy

UMLOA Bylaws (2019)

UMLOA Operating Policies (2019)