Upper Midwest Lacrosse Officials Association

Upper Midwest Lacrosse Officials

Pay Rates and Policies FAQs

The 2019 UMLOA Officials Fees and Policies document includes the following information:

  • Pay rates for officials for games at the high school level and lower

  • Suspended game policies

  • Travel fee policies

In general, officials are paid in one of three ways:

  • With a check at the game site before the game (or between JV and V for doubleheaders; this happens for a few tournaments and some MSHSL freshman games)

  • By filling out a payment voucher so a school business office can mail a check (normally within 3 weeks; this includes almost all MSHSL games)

  • Via ArbiterPay (teams, tournaments, or leagues must have accounts established and active prior to the game date to use this option)

Information about ArbiterPay for officials is located on the ArbiterPay for Officials page.

Information about ArbiterPay for team administrators is located on the ArbiterPay for Teams page.

Pay amounts in Arbiter

For games paid via ArbiterPay in Arbiter, you will see the pay amount per game listed, with travel fees included in your first game of the day at a specific site, if applicable. 

If a game says "NOT paid," that just means that it is not paid via ArbiterPay. Generally, all assignments are paid except those where your position is labeled "trainee." You will normally be paid by filling out a voucher for these games and then the school will mail you a check in 1–3 weeks.

Per diem amounts, when applicable, must be manually added to ArbiterPay. Let your assigner know if they seem to be missing. Similarly, hotel amounts are sometimes included in ArbiterPay and must be manually added, so contact your assigner.

ArbiterPay teams and organizations

The following leagues, tournaments, and organizations make all of their payments via ArbiterPay and how often they generally make payments: 

  • GNLL box and field lacrosse leagues and tournaments (roughly every two weeks in spring and summer and every 3-4 weeks in fall and winter via Homegrown)

  • YLM (monthly)

  • UMLOA Training and Observations (roughly quarterly)

  • Grand Rapids Shootout Tournament (within a week)

  • Amplify Lacrosse Tournament (within a week)

  • Prior Lake Area Youth Lacrosse Tournament (within a week)

  • Champlin Park "Icebreaker" Tournament (within a week)

  • Bloomington "Bait Bucket" Tournament (within a week)

  • Woodbury United Tournament (within a week)

  • SotaLax Tournament and games (within a week)

  • Centennial Sizzle Tournament (within a week)

  • Minnetonka HS Winter League (monthly)

  • Savage Dome HS Winter League (monthly)

  • Shakopee Tournament (within a week)

  • Valley Cup Tournament (within a week)

If someone other than one of these groups tells you that they pay via ArbiterPay, contact your assigner so they can either be added to the list or payment can be tracked down. 

Please do not follow up asking where your payment is if it hasn't been at least as long a wait as listed above.