Upper Midwest Lacrosse Officials Association

Upper Midwest Lacrosse Officials

Complaint Procedure

Although the vast majority of officials are doing their best to make the game safe, fair, and fun, officials are human, and there will inevitiably be situations where coaches or administrators have complaints.

If you have a question or complaint involving a rule interpretation from a game, please send the question to the appropriate rules interpreter for that league:

  • YLM, MSHSL, and some youth tournaments—Matt Dempsey
  • GNLL leagues/tournaments  and some other leagues/tournaments—Harold Buck
  • College and post-collegiate club—Brad Scibak

If there is an appropriate rules interpretation question involved, you will receive a response explaining the proper rules interpretation. It is generally not possible for rules interpreters to comment on issues where the judgment of the officials on the play is in question rather than the rules interpretation.

If your intent is simply to make us aware of other problems, such as an official who is late, who does not show up for the game, who cannot keep up with the game, or who does not have all of the proper equipment, you can report the situation to the assigner for that game or on the contact page and no further information is required.

If you are seeking some form of resolution to the situation, please see the Formal Complaint Procedure.

If you have video you wish to submit, please see our Video Submission Policy.