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ArbiterPay for Paying Admins FAQs

ArbiterPay.com is an online system for paying officials who receive their assignments through ArbiterSports.com. Both websites are owned and operated by the NCAA. The use of ArbiterPay by all teams and leagues is strongly encouraged, as it eliminates continual questions for team administrators and officials about which games have been paid and which have not.

The system is offered at no cost to the officials, and the cost to the paying team or league is only slightly more than the stamp it would take to mail a payment. You simply set up an ArbiterPay account and then use that to pay the officials assigned to your games through Arbiter.

Once you have your account set up, you must contact the assigner for your games or league so they can associate the games in Arbiter with your team or league "Bill To" and add the proper pay rates. When you pay officials, you can manually override the game fees to add in travel fees or other expenses.

The following document will help you get set up:

ArbiterPay Overview for Team and League Administrators

(Clicking the link may download the file rather than opening the PDF in a new window, depending on your borwser settings. Check your downloads folder.)

Getting the account set up is a little bit of work, as it is to open any bank account, so plan on starting this at least 10 days before your event. Once the account is established, you will transfer funds to the ArbiterPay account (allow about 4 business days for the funds to transfer).

To make payments once you have everything set up and the account funded:

  1. Log onto Arbiter
  2. Click on schedule
  3. Select "pay officials"
  4. Input your organizations TIN and PIN
  5. Individually check all the officials
  6. Select "pay officials"

 Payments are generally expected within a week for tournaments and at least every 3 weeks for leagues.