Upper Midwest Lacrosse Officials Association

Upper Midwest Lacrosse Officials

On-Field Training in 3-Person Mechanics

The UMLOA Executive Board had developed the following on-field training program for 3-person mechanics. The procedure for completing the training is as follows:

  • Complete the online training on 3-person mechanics if you have not previously worked many (or any) games using 3-person.
  • Notify your assigner that you wish to participate in a 3-person on-field session.
  • A trainer and 6 trainees will be assigned to 2 high school winter league games or one or more high-school scrimmages through ArbiterSports.com based on the availability of the trainees as stated in Arbiter.
  • You'll arrive, dressed and ready to take the field, 30 minutes prior to the first game and meet with the trainer. Confirm the game and report time with the trainer beforehand; sometimes the "30 minutes prior" is built into the assignment.
  • Each official will work 4 quarters on the field and observe 4 quarters with the trainer from the sideline (most likely alternating by quarter). Each official will be part of the pre-game routine for one game.
  • You will debrief with the trainer for 30 minutes after the second game.
  • You will get 3 hours of credit toward your required 10 hours (non-college) or 12 hours (college).

It is our expectation that every official will attempt to complete at least one on-field session. You may complete a maximum of one sessions (3 hours) for credit toward your UMLOA training requirement. You can attend more than one session if scheduling permits, but scheduling priority will be given to people completing their first session.

You will need to have your US Lacrosse membership current and your status set to "Ready to be assigned" in Arbiter prior to your on-field training. If you want to do the training but are not available for other winter league games, let the assigner know when you contact him to set up the training and he will set you back to "not ready" after assigning you to training.

Note that these are training sessions, so officials are not paid for attending.