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How do I enter my schedules at MSHSL.org?

Getting coach ratings is a key step in advancing through the MSHSL promotional levels. Only enter MSHSL varsity games (no scrimmages, no MBSLA games, and no sub-varsity games). All MSHSL varsity officials should enter their varsity schedules by logging into their officials corner at www.mshsl.org.

Enter the date of each game and the away team and the home team (for some reason, the away team gets listed first). You don't need to scroll through the whole list to find the school. If you click the list and type the first few letters of the team name, it should jump to that spot.

A few schools are labeled differently in ArbiterSports.com than they are on mshsl.org:

  • Jefferson and Kennedy are listed under "Bloomington"
  • Armstrong and Cooper are listed under "Robbinsdale"
  • Mayo, Century, and John Marshall are listed under "Rochester."

Also, the co-op teams (e.g., Duluth, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Delano-Rockford) can be confusing. If you aren't sure which school to list, go to the MSHSL section assignment page and enter the HOST team listed as the team in your schedule.