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Mechanics FAQs

What should I do if I have to work a game alone?

We try to avoid single officials working games, but it does happen sometimes, either due to an official having an emergency or due to lack of officials. Here are the key points:

Explain to the coaches that you are working alone and that you will do your best but you won't be able to get everything.

If possible, get one person from each team to call the far sideline and you work the bench sideline. Tell them to put their hand up if the ball goes out of bounds or if a player in possession steps out. When you blow the whistle, then they point in the direction they think play should go. If they disagree, go with alternate possession.

If you can't get anyone to work the far side, you work the far sideline and have the coaches call the bench sideline.

Run from top of box to top of box (there is no way you will be able to cover both goal lines; do the best you can).

Don't worry too much about things like offside and sub infractions. Try to catch the felonies and not the misdemeanors.