Upper Midwest Lacrosse Officials Association

Upper Midwest Lacrosse Officials


The UMLOA dues for 2018 are $60 for HS officials (register for "UMLOA Member" or, if you are currently a college student, "UMLOA Member—College") and $90 for officials working college lacrosse games (register for "UMLOA Adult—NILOA") if paid by January 27, 2018. Dues will increase to $90/$120 if paid between January 28 and March 31. Dues paid April 1 or later will be $120/$150. No training credit may be earned until dues have been paid.

You can pay online at the UMLOA Course Registration Site.

Note that all prior year accounts from Moodle (the online course system) and aMember (the online registration system) are deleted each year before registration opens. You will recreate these accounts when you register online through aMember using the UMLOA Course Registration Site link and pay your dues.

You must register prior to your first training class, as registration will create the account where we will track your attendance for training. Again, you will need to create a new account, as all accounts from last year have been deleted. (If you pay by cash or check, you should receive a coupon code from Bou Gazley, Chris Larson or Matt Dempsey to allow you to register with no additional payment, but it is easier for everyone involved if you go through the online registration system.)

Dues must be paid by January 27 to avoid loss of assignments and late fees. Officials who are paying separately for Level 1, Level 1 Recert,  and/or Level 2 Training do not need to pay dues. Returning Level 2 officials, including officials new to the area who have previous Level 1 and 2 Training, do have to pay dues. UMLOA dues cover all of your adult training courses, observations for some officials, and some costs associated with meetings and administration of the UMLOA.