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Introduction to Rules FAQs

Rule books and documents

The NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rule Book provides the base rule set for all boys lacrosse games below the collegiate level in Minnesota. These rules can be obtained in book form when you join US Lacrosse or attend your first training class.

If you are an official with an ArbiterSports.com account, you have access to a searchable NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rule Book online through Arbiter provided you have linked your USL and UMLOA accounts. From your Arbiter account, choose “Switch Views” from the top of the screen and select US Lacrosse Central Hub (Group 108525). Then go to “Rules” and select NFHS Boys.

A list of NFHS Rule Changes for 2015, the 2015 NFHS/US Lacrosse High School Rules Video, and the 2014 US Lacrosse Youth Rules video are posted on the US Lacrosse website

Rule variations for JV, 9/10, U15, U13, U11, U9, box lacrosse, and off-season leagues are posted on our Documents Page. The Minnesota youth rules (for U15 and lower games) are based on US Lacrosse youth rules. A summary sheet of those rules is also posted on the same page.

College games are played under NCAA rules, which are available for order or for free download at the NCAA publications website. A detailed list of rule differences between NFHS and NCAA lacrosse is posted on the Documents Page.


In rule situations, Team A is the offensive or riding team, and Team B is the defensive or clearing team. A1 and A2 are different players on Team A, and Coach A is the head coch of Team A.

Rule Questions

A fantastic resource for asking questions about boys lacrosse rules and mechanics is the Lacrosse Rules and Officiating Forum.

FAQs (for NFHS Rules unless stated otherwise)

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Youth Rules
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